Example Client App

You can use Ebook Homebrew Rest API for example client app.


Examples App use ebook-homebrew demo heroku endpoint. If you use your own server, fork the code and change the backend URL.

Git clone Example app with :command:`git clone `:

$ git clone
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Stand Alone Web GUI

The basic WEB app which create PDF from your images built in the ebook-homebrew.

Install Flask and Execute commands below.

$ cd examples/web_gui/
$ pip install requirements.txt
$ cd src
$ python

And Access localhost:8080

You can see The TOP page like blow. Click GO DEMO APP


Choose Files, digits and extension. Click Create! and Downloading result.pdf


Command Line Tools with using Rest API

Client App with ebook-homebrew’s rest API interface. Install requests and docopt and Execute.

$ cd examples/use_rest_api/
$ pip install requirements.txt
$ cd src
$ python -h

You can see the CLI’s Usage.

Android App


This app is created flutter, so you can build an Android app and an iOS app,

but I don’t try to build ios app, because I don’t have ios.

Demo client Native App for using ebook-homebrew.

Install Flutter SDK and Build App:

$ cd examples/ebook-homebrew-android-app
$ git clone -b beta ~/flutter
$ cat YOUR_APP_KEY > android/app/apk_key.jks
$ cat YOUR_APP_PROPS > android/
$ ~/flutter/bin/flutter build apk --release --split-per-abi
Try it on your device via DeployGate

Or Download Google Play

Run App and Enjoy!


Web Front App (Vue.js)


ebook-homebrew-vue-client is Deprecated instead of ebook-homebrew-vue-typescript-client

If you want to use Web Front App, you can make reference of Example app building for Vue.js.

You can see 2 examples, Vue.js with Javascript or Vue.js with Typescript

Vue.js with Javascript

Vue.js with Typescript

Install Node.js and NPM and Execute it:

$ cd examples/ebook-homebrew-vue-typescript-client
$ npm install
$ npm run serve

Run App and Enjoy!


Command Line Tool using Rust

If you want to use more speedy CLI, Use Rust CLI

Install Rust and Execute commands below.

$ cd examples/ebook-homebrew-rust-client/
$ cargo run
$ cd target/debug
$ ./ebook-homebrew-rust-client -h

ebook_homebrew_rust_client 0.1.0
tubone24 <>
Ebook-homebrew Command Line Tools

    ebook-homebrew-rust-client.exe [SUBCOMMAND]

    -v, --version    CLI version
    -h, --help       Prints help information

    status      check server status
    upload      upload image files
    convert     convert image files to PDF
    download    download converted PDF file
    help        Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)